The First Week Of Camp At Laurelview – 1963

The First Week Of Camp At Laurelview – 1963

Contributed by David Browell (Jr.)

June, 2015

Hello –

I was very impressed with the new Laurelview website that I viewed when registering my son for camp.  Congratulations and thanks to those who contributed to this effort and to all the volunteers who have worked tirelessly on behalf of the camp.

I would like to point out that Laurelview opened in 1963 and not in 1964 as indicated on the website.  I was among those campers attending that first week.  It was my second year of Junior camp as I had attended Camp Indian Springs the previous year.  I specifically remember that the cabins were still being finished and we woke each morning to the sound of carpenter hammers.  Also, there was cold water only available for showers.

We were those fortunate campers and counselors who had the opportunity to first choose areas in the woods for group times and to determine the initial areas used for campfires and vespers services.  I also remember that this first week (June 30 – July 6) included Independence Day and watermelon!

As confirmation, I have included a PDF of our church bulletin (First Christian – Connellsville) from the Sunday following my week of camp.  You will note the date (July 7, 1963) and also the information that indicates my attendance.  It provides some additional information such as  this first week was combined with another one since the camp wasn’t ready in time, there was still more work to be done for completion, and the flagpole was erected by a member of our church (and a longtime Laurelview contributor) Eugene Dunlap.

Again, thanks for all the work the taskforce team has done to keep Laurelview viable and vibrant despite financial challenges.  It’s gratifying that my son will be enjoying his ninth year of camp this year.  Laurelview has been an important part of his growing years and spiritual journey.

Best Regards,

Dave Browell (Jr.)

Click here for the buttetin from the First Christian Church of Connellsville, July 7, 1963.