Instructions for Mini Camp Families

Note: The information below is intended for  Mini Camp families.
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Mini Camp is a shorter camp event (Sunday dinner though Wednesday breakfast) for children entering 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade.  Due to short length of time, and the age of the mini campers, instructions are a different for these precious little ones.

Check-in time is the Sunday of Mini Camp from 4pm – 5pm and pick-up is Wednesday at 10:30am.

Mini campers should bring clothes and footwear for a variety of activities.  A few extra clothes are always a good idea.  Campers will have opportunities for swimming and water games, so they should bring a swimsuit and sandals or water shoes.  A bag for dirty clothes would be handy.

Mini campers will need a sleeping bag and pillow or other bedding.  Nights can be chilly in the mountains so please plan accordingly.

Mini campers should bring soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, and other personal hygiene articles.  Please remember to include a bath towel.

Children who are mini camp age often misplace their belongings.  We make every effort to ensure the campers return home with everything they brought to camp, undamaged. But accidents happen and sometimes items are lost and cannot be located at pick-up time.  Please avoid sending items that are expensive, delicate, or having great sentimental value if possible.

We would prefer that mini campers not bring cell phones or other electronics.

Fishing poles are available at camp.  If your camper is bringing their fishing pole or musical instrument, etc., please give these items to the camp staff for safekeeping.

Mini campers need not bring any money to camp.  There will not be any opportunities for the campers to spend money.

Your mini camp child is welcome to bring their bible to camp.  However, there are many bibles available at camp, so bringing a bible is not necessary.

Mail: US mail is only delivered to Mini Camp on two days (Monday and Tuesday).  Unfortunately, Mini Camp mail is often delivered after the camp event has ended.  To ensure your child receives mail from home, it is best to bring the letters to camp with your child and give them the staff at drop-off.  The staff will “deliver” the mail to the campers during the week.

Any letters sent to Mini Camp through US mail should be mailed by the previous Tuesday, and please include the words “Mini Camp” in the address.

Camp Property Mailing Address

(camper’s name)
Camp Laurelview – Mini Camp
384 Middlecreek Road
Rockwood, PA 15557