Property Rentals

Groups and individuals wanting to rent the camp facility must submit the appropriate rental form, and understand our rules and regulations (both below).

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Rental Forms:
DOC-Affiliated Group
Non-DOC Groups
(If you’re unsure, you should probably use the Non-DOC Member form.)

Rules and Regulations
Closing Camp Checklist

Be sure to carefully read the “Registration Summary” second on the second page of the rental form, it spells out exactly what is required for rentals. If you are required to submit a signed liability waiver, you can download it here.

In order to maintain our beautiful camp ground, we need to rent the facility to both Disciples and non-Disciple groups – hopefully every weekend beyond our summer camping program. Given our costs and needs to make the camp ground available to you we have instituted the following:

A Standard Rental Process

The Task Force has instituted a common process for renting Laurelview.  To begin your rental of Laurelview, contact the registrar to discuss the dates you desire. Then fill out the form and mail in the deposit. Only after the form and deposit are secured will your reservation be complete.


There is a fee for Laurelview use in order to keep our property safe and in good maintenance for all groups using the grounds, especially our summer camp ministry. Instead of paying per person, we now pay an event fee, plus an overnight fee per building needed for sleeping. There is a reduced rate for all Disciple congregations and members. These fees were set after much research of other Disciples camp grounds and fees for county and state parks. Part of your event fee is to cover the cost of a Camp Host. The Camp Host opens and closes the camp ground and makes sure that the buildings are ready for your use. If the Camp Host is a member of your group or church, and wants to donate their time, then the cost is greatly reduced.

Cleaning And Damage Deposit

Like most county and state parks, we are requiring a cleaning and damage deposit for all groups using Laurelview. This deposit is refundable once the camp host signs off that your group left Laurelview in good condition. Literally, your check will be mailed back to you.

Camp Host

Since we no longer have staff at Laurelview, The Laurelview Task Force is creating a group of trained camp hosts to open and close after each event. This person receives a stipend which is a part of your event fee. The Camp Host has a check list which includes making sure that the buildings and grounds you are going to use are clean and stocked with paper products and cleaning supplies. Since the Camp Host will be driving some distance, part of their stipend offsets their travel costs. The registrar assigns the Camp Host for your event.


The Camp Host will review the cleaning expectations for your group so that everyone who arrives at Laurelview will find it clean and in good repair.

Certificate Of Insurance

Our insurance provider is requiring every church to submit their certificate of insurance naming the Region of Pennsylvania as a co-insurer for this event. This takes only a simple phone call to your insurance provider who is quite accustomed to these requests. Individuals who are renting for family events need to sign a waiver.

Farmhouse Rental

Presently, the farmhouse is not safe for rentals. We are hoping that by the 2017 season, we will have the farm house ready for individuals and small groups to rent at a lower cost.
Registration Forms

In order to reserve Laurelview, we must have your registration form and deposit. Presently you need to do this by emailing the camp registrar, but in time this will be available to you online through the Laurelview website.


You can contact our registration coordinator by email at [email protected].