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Our Financial Needs

Financial donations are a vital part of the funding for Camp Laurelview. This has been the case since the camp was founded in the mid 1960’s. The camper fees and rental fees do not fully cover the expenses of the camping program and the maintenance of the property. Bills for food, energy, and insurance really add up! As do the costs of curriculum, craft materials, and grass cutting. We simply can’t meet our financial obligations without our generous supporters.

Your Gift Will Be Used Responsibly

The Interim Laurelview Task Force, as well as the camp staffs and innumerable volunteers, feel the Laurelview programs are an important ministry in our region, and worthy of our support.

The Task Force, Camp Coordinator, camp staff and property staff (even the cooks) are all volunteers at this time. There is no paid staff.  Camp directors and counselors often dip into their own pockets to provide extra materials to make their week of camp extra-special for the kids. We do spend some funds for grass cutting and for the help of maintenance professionals, but the majority of work done to keep the camp running is done by volunteers – often at their own expense.

Making a financial contribution
Through the links on this page, or by mailing a personal check, you can contribute financially to Camp Laurelview. We’re committed to being good stewards of your gift.

Designated donations

– Property Maintenance and Improvement

– Scholarships for Needy Campers

– Kitchen Upgrades

– Farmhouse Renovation

The Laurelview Interim Taskforce is planning major repairs and improvements to the farmhouse at Laurelview.

Phase 1: New Roof, New Porch

Phase 2: New Kitchen and Bathroom

Donation by Check – If you prefer to make your donation by check, please make it payable to:

CCinPA – Laurelview
PO Box 465
California, PA 15419

Opportunities to Volunteer
We hold several work events at Laurelview each year. There is plenty of work for skilled and unskilled volunteers. Also please consider spending a camp week, or part of a week, helping in the kitchen.

Tackle a major project
Several of the churches in our region have made major donations and completed significant projects at Camp Laurelview. This year (2014), the barn roof received a new coat of paint and professional lawn equipment was provided (thank you, Lone Pine Christian Church). Our kitchen floor and ceiling were brought up to code (think you, Charleroi First Christian Church). Other churches have made major donations of items needed for camp (paper products, food items, sports equipment, etc.) Please consider working within your church to complete a work project, make a substantial targeted donation, or help out by contributing supplies.