Envelope Fundraiser

The Envelope Event

Everyone wants to be able to safely return to Camp Laurelview. While we await that happy day, the camp continues to have fixed expenses and maintenance costs with no camper income. Rental income won’t cover it and we need to keep our camp safe and viable for the future.
And so…as we wait to get back to camp, we’re embarking upon a new fundraiser! We are having a virtual fundraiser where you are to imagine that you are looking a wall filled with 250 envelopes. How to participate:

1) First, go to The Envelope Event at evfr.Laurelview.org to access the project. Please feel free to share and invite your friends!

2) Choose the envelope (or multiples envelopes) you want. Each envelope contains a number 1 to 250, with each number representing that specific dollar amount. For example, 7 represents $7, 29 represents $29, 142 represents $142 and so on. Then make a comment on the page indicating which envelope(s) you chose so that others know when they are no longer available.

3) Follow the instructions to enter your contact information and make your donation. You may claim several envelopes and make a single donation for all of them.

Thank you so much for your support in helping us keep Laurelview financially viable so that it can continue to provide ministry for years to come.